Keypad Panels
The community has two vehicle entry gates each has a keypad panel for either looking up the name of the resident or directly entering the four digit code to dial out. Once the number is dialed, the side answering the phone call can talk to the guests for verification, then press 9 to allow access OR press # to deny access. You can also hang up.

Question: I pressed the 4 digit code and the gate didn’t open. Why?
Answer: The 4 digit code will not open the gate. It will dial out to the pre-programmed number. The receiving side of the call needs to press # to open the gate.
Question: On the Vehicle gate keypad panel, do I need to press CALL or # after typing the four digit number?
Answer: No, after the final 4th digit is pressed, the call is automatically made.
Question: The calls are going automatically to voicemail. Why?
Answer: Make sure the two gate phone numbers are not blocked. If they are not blocked, you can create a new contact with the gate phone numbers in it, so the spam detector would erroneously mark them spam.

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