This community has highspeed internet service provided by the ISP Paxio. Speeds are 1 Gpbs download/upload (1 Gbps is 1,000 Mbps). Service is provided by our optical fiber network infrastructure to each house.


The current price is $40 per month. Optionally if you want one static IP address it will cost $10 more and five IP addresses will be $20 more. You do not need static IP for basic service.  The first month’s service will be prorated.  This is not an introductory rate and you can cancel at any time.

Billing will appear as an extra charge on your HOA bill, if you choose to subscribe.

Sign Up

To sign up for service, please make sure you are the homeowner. If you have no more questions, you can fill out the form at
General questions and billing, please contact our HOA management company Associa through the web portal townsq. Associa will give you the website above to begin signup. If you have technical questions, contact Paxio. See the technical support section below.

More Info

See this document for more information:

Technical Support

The Service is provided by PAXIO, Inc. PAXIO is responsible for installation and technical support. Do not contact the HOA or the management company, Associa, for technical support. Instead, contact PAXIO at 408-385-9378 or (


To cancel service, email  You must cancel by the 15th of the month, or you will be charged for the next month. Confirm with Associa that billing has stopped.