Terra Serena Association Tow provider is Advanced Towing in Fremont. If your car has been towed due to parking violations or illegal parking, please contact them directly to get your car back.

Homeowners are responsible for all fees associated with the towing and impound. As of Sept 14th, 2022, the fees are $225 for tow costs, $95 per day impound.

Advanced Towing in Fremont
Impound Location
44540 S Grimmer Blvd Fremont CA 94538 (map link)

FYI: The old company was Rebellos, but we aren’t using them anymore.

Parking Rules
Several rules are being enforced and listed below. Cars will be towed for one of more of the following:

  • Any illegal parking including the following:
    • Parking in fire lanes
    • Parking next to garages
    • Parking in a disabled parking spot without a disabled permit
    • Parking in undesignated parking areas
  • Parking for more than 48 hours consecutively
  • Parking for more than 7 days in a calendar month