Metal Railings including balcony fences and gates, the new paint color is called “Metal Max Semi-Gloss – Color Enduring Bronze SW7055”. This should match the new color of the metals painted in the common area by the HOA. The single family home owners are responsible for painting their own gates and balconies on their property. I used a bit less than 1 gallon. The HOA will finish off all the common areas. You can purchase it at Sherwin Williams in Milpitas (across from City Hall). Call them at 408-946-1765. The price was $60 for 1 gallon. They sell smaller quantities.
Address: 15 N Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas, CA 95035, Click URL above which links to the store.

New Paint
Paint Brand
AFTER — NEW paint color
AFTER — NEW Paint Color
BEFORE — Old Paint Color